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Uh oh. The creepy magician doesn't look like the forgiving type.
I quickly analyzed the situation and jumped into action. I pushed the man with the cape out of the way before he could be harmed.
All of a sudden, a rising pain shot through my arms and I started to see flower petals floating everywhere. Surprisingly I wasn't screaming, but the guy I shifted out of the way was. He seemed pretty freaked out by my disappearing.
What's he screaming about? It's not like it's happening to him!
"Why did you save him?" The magician asked me.
"Because I bumped him and he bumped into you. You were quick to act so I didn't have a chance to apologize. I'm sorry" I said and quickly bowed, armless...
"Ahhhh, I see. But now what are you gonna do, now that you have no arms? Doesn't that mean you'll have to drop out of the exam?"
"There's no way in hell I'm giving up that easily!"
He gave a creepy smirk, which automatically made me think,
I closed my eyes and let my aura surround me. It wasn't trying to alarm anyone, so my aura felt calm and peaceful. I could feel my healing Nen ability start to take affect. I could start feeling my arms come back and soon enough I was able to grip my own hands again.
I opened my eyes and saw the surprised magician staring at me.
I'm not sure if he's surprised about me recreating my own arms, or my glowing reddish-brown eyes. I know a way to get him back...
I thought with an evil grin. I snap the magician out of shock,
"Ummm, by the way creepy magician-san, what's your name?" I ask.
"My name is Hisoka. And may I ask what your name is?"
"My name's Mei. Hisoka? Is it ok if I test if my new arms are working properly?"
"Sure it's ok, but I don't understand why you need my permis...OOF!!!"
After he said "Sure," I load my arm up and punched him in the stomach.
"Thanks Hisoka! They're working fine! You could say that's payback for taking my arms away in the first place" I say with a big grin on my face.
He sheepishly smiles and replies, "No problem. This means we're even now."
I walk away from the magician, that still gives me the creeps, and make my way towards the three.
"Hi my name is Mei!"
"My name is Gon and this is Kurapika and Leorio."
They seem to be full of potential and spirit. I think I'll stick with them.
"Is it ok if I hang out with you guys? Everyone else is way too tense."
I wonder where Killua went to?
As I was about to start looking for him, a weird alarm went off. The barrier, which Satotz-san was behind, began to rise and there was Satotz-san. He began,
"Welcome to the 287th Hunter Exam. Congratulations to those who have found the secret tunnel. A fair warning, those who lack could end up seriously injured or dead. Those who accept these risks, will follow me. Otherwise, leave through the door you came from."
It wasn't surprising that nobody left. Everyone here is determined to be a hunter.
"Alright, then please follow me to the Phase Two Exam site."
Let the hunter exam begin!