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Mei's POV
Satotz-san started walking further into the tunnel and everyone followed. As we were walking he started to quicken.
"The people up ahead started running" Gon said.
"Oh and by the way, my name is Satotz-san. I am the Phase One examiner. I cannot tell you where the Phase Two site is or when we will arrive."
"So this is an endurance test?" Leorio asked.
As we started running, I conjured up my roller blades. I skated over to Gon,
"I'm gonna go find my friend. If you see him, he's carrying a skateboard or most likely already using it."
I skated up near the front to look for him. I flipped around so I was skating backwards.
I wonder where he went? I want him to meet Gon and the others.
As I was looking around, I heard Leorio shout,
"Hey kid! Show some respect for the hunter exam!"
It's probably Killua.
I skate my way over to them and come up beside Killua.
"Hey guys, what's going on?"
"What?! You're roller blading?!" He yells with annoyance spreading across his face.
"Yeah so? And Killua's skateboarding."
"You two! That's cheating!"
"No it's not," Gon said.
"Gon! Who's side are you on?!"
"The examiner only said we had to follow him," Gon said.
"How old are you?" Killua asked Gon.
"I'm twelve!"
Killua looks at Gon, then at me. He kicks up his skateboard and catches it. I snap my fingers and we start running.
"Wahhh! So cool!"
I smile at the innocent boy.
Naïvety could be his savior and downfall. I thought to myself.
After a four hours, we had run sixty kilometers (AN: 60 km is about 37.28 miles)
I heard wheezing behind me and turned around to see Leorio struggling to keep up with the group. Gon had noticed too and we both slowed our pace to a stop. We stopped and waited for him to catch his breath.
"Come on guys just leave him," Killua said.
We waited for him until he said,
"Screw that! I'm gonna become a hunter!"
And just like that, he sprinted to catch up with the rest of the group. Gon flings his fishing rod towards Leorio's briefcase, that he left behind and we ran to catch up with the group. As we looked ahead, we saw a long flight of never-ending stairs.
We should be at eighty kilometers by now. (AN: 80 km= 49.70 miles)
"This is getting boring" Killua said.
"Wanna race to see who reaches the top first?" Gon asked.
"Loser has to buy dinner for the winner!" I said.
We started racing up the stairs, not wanting to pay for dinner.
Gon asked Killua, "why do you want to be a hunter?"
"I don't. I was bored and heard the test was hard, so I ran away from home to take the exam," Killua replied.
"Why do you want to take the test?" he asked Gon.
"My dad is a hunter. I never met him because he wanted to live his dream in becoming a hunter. So I want to know why being a hunter is so important to him. I want to be a hunter just like my dad!"
"You want to be a hunter just like your dad, but you don't even know him?"
I smacked him up side head and gave him a look and said,
"Baka be nice!"
He winced at the slap while Gon laughed.
"It's ok. I know it's weird, but that's my goal. I want to know him better. Why do you want to be a hunter Mei?"
"I've always wanted to be strong enough to protect my family. If I get my hunter's license, it'll prove that I'm physically capable of protecting my family and I'll be able to make a living which will support them."
"What do you mean you've always wanted to be strong?" Gon asked and Killua eyed my with curiosity.
Wow. I've never been this honest with people I've just met. I hadn't even told Killua my life before I was with Netero-san.
"Ehhhh that's a story for another time."
As we ran, we caught up with Kurapika and Leorio. They seemed to be having a serious discussion as well. I learned that Kurapika was the last of the Kurta clan and that he wants to take revenge on the Phantom Troupe (uh oh) and take back all the eyes of his clan. Leorio, as Kurapika announced, was not actually after money, but he wanted the money to become a doctor. So he wasn't the money-greedy pig that Kurapika thought him to be. Killua spoke up,
"How ya doin' old man?" He asked Leorio.
"I'm not an old man! I'm a teenager like you guys!"
This shocked all of us, as we stared at our friend with expressions of surprise and what the fuck...
At the top of the stairs, we could see a light that told us we were close to reaching the end of the tunnel. Gon, Killua and I sprinted to be first. We reached the last step and jumped on the last step.
"GOAL!" The three of us cheered.
"I won!" Gon cheered.
"No! I was first!" Killua argued.
"I think you're both buying me dinner" I intervened.
"Who passed first Satotz-san?" Gon asked.
"I believe it was a tie. You all passed at the same time."
"Oh. Then I'll buy Killua's dinner, Killua buys Mei's dinner and Mei buys my dinner!" Gon says.
"Ok!" We both cheered.
"Is this the Phase Two site?" Gon asked.
"No. We still have quite a ways to go."
"Oh. Ok!"
We sat down and waited at the top for Kurapika and Leorio. Soon enough, everyone reached the top and we gathered around Satotz-san to hear the directions, just as the fog was being lifted.
We looked out from the hill we were standing on saw the whole area surrounded by a swamp.
"This is the Numere Wetlands, also known as Swindlers Swamp. This swamp is filled with creatures that deceive humans and prey upon them. If you let them fool you... You're dead. So follow me and stick close."
"Wait! Don't listen to him! He's lying to you!"
A beat up man walks toward us.
"He's an imposter! I'm the real examiner!" He points towards Satotz-san.
"He's trying to lead you into the swamp and deceive you!"
I now stood next to Satotz-san and shouted at the strange man,
"You're the one whose lying! I know for a fact that this is the real Satotz!"
In an instant, cards were thrown at me, Satotz-san and the "real" examiner. Luckily Satotz-san blocked the cards for me so I wouldn't have to do it. I looked towards the culprit and it was Hisoka. The imposter died in an instant. I glared towards the creepy pedophile.
"Thank you, Satotz-san" I bowed to him.
He nodded in acceptance.
I looked to my friends who looked shocked, but Killua seemed pretty ticked off. I tapped into his thoughts really quickly >.0
Killua: What the hell does that magician think he's doing?! If he tries to hurt Mei again, I swear I'll kill him
(Back to Mei's thoughts)
Wow, Killua's pretty mad at Hisoka. I wonder why?
"A hunter would've been able to block that attack. He's the real examiner" Hisoka pointed at the real Satotz.
"I take that as a compliment, but if you threaten me again, you will be disqualified for attempting to kill an examiner. Understood?"
Hisoka nodded.
We started running through the wetlands and the fog started to pick up again.
Damn! I can't see a thing.
While running, I accidentally bumped into someone.
"Oh! Sorry Kurapika! I can't see a thing!"
"It's ok"
The atmosphere suddenly felt really tense again. Then I heard Gon yell to us,
"Leorio! Kurapika! Mei! Killua says we should move up!"
Leorio responded, "well we would if we could!"
"We'll be fine! Go on ahead of us!" Kurapika replied.
"Mei, come on!" Killua called.
"I'll stick with them, Killua! I'll be fine!"
Gon and Killua ran ahead, while I stayed with Kurapika and Leorio.
"As long as we keep sight of the runners in front of us, we should be ok" Kurapika said.
And just like that, he jinxed us. The runners ahead of us looked like they just lost their heads. Literally. We stopped in our tracks.
"What the hell?!" I yelled.
These gigantic Tortoise like creatures appeared out of no where and snatched one of the runners. They had strawberries on their shells, which looked like runners in the fog.
This is gonna be a problem.
Just then, the creature tried to attack Leorio! Luckily he had a thick branch of a tree to protect himself. Well, somewhat protect himself. He was lifted into the air and being flung around like a rag doll. Thank God for Kurapika. He launched himself into the air and jabbed his wooden sword into the eye of the flesh-eating Tortoise. Luckily, we escaped, but some of the other applicants weren't as lucky. We made our way to a clearing where we saw more applicants, except these applicants weren't running. They had surrounded another applicant and were about to attack. Leorio, Kurapika and I watched from the sidelines. It was Hisoka.