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"I knew you weren't hunter material when I saw you last year" the leader of the group said.
"We'll let you go if you promise to never take the hunter exam again."
"Ok. I promise," he said.
Now this surprised everyone.
Hisoka continued, "because I'll be passing this year."
The group had surrounded Hisoka and attacked.
He doesn't look scared one bit!
Hisoka held up a card. He spun it around the circle of attackers and flipped the card between his fingers (from back side to face side). Everyone fell to the ground dead.
Holy shit! And that's why I don't trust clowns and magicians!
The leader of the group was shaking in his shoes. He fell to the floor, terrified, and attempted to crawl away. Key word: attempted. Hisoka threw his card at him and he fell to the floor like the rest of his comrades. Hisoka picked up his card and started walking our way. Kurapika whispered to me and Leorio,
"On the count of three, we all run in opposite directions."
Wait! What?
I don't want to appear weak to him. That might make him want to target me!
But what if Hisoka's the type that likes to fight strong people. Then he'd probably get a kick out of fighting me. What should I do?! Weak or strong?
Kurapika took off to the right of me and Leorio to the left. I was left standing in the middle. I still pondered at my thoughts. Hisoka looked at me and smiled like the creepy pervert he is,
"What? You're not scared of me?"
"Ehhhh. Is there an in between choice?" I weakly smiled.
"Oh so are you gonna fight me?"
"Well I'm not the type to run away" I got into my fighting stance.
"And neither am I" I turned my head to see Leorio coming back with a stick in his hands.
Not the best weapon against a magician with the card of death. He has a strong spirit though.
He came charging at Hisoka. He aimed for a hit at Hisoka, but he disappeared and Leorio hit some kind of imitation of Hisoka instead. Hisoka was about to Punch Leorio, but got hit in the face by a fishing rod.
Uh oh. Gon!
I look to my left to see Gon with his fishing rod. Leorio used this moment to try and punch him, but Hisoka was too quick and gave Leorio and punch to the cheek and knocked him out instantly. Gon tried multiple times to hit him again, but Hisoka effortlessly dodged the fishing line. Gon was about to swing his rod at him, but Hisoka grabbed Gon by the neck and started strangling him!
"Gon! Let him go Hisoka!"
I could see the look of enjoyment on his face as he strangled my friend. Gon was about to stop struggling because he was about to lose conscious, but Hisoka let him go. He looked at me,
"No worries. I won't kill your friends. They passed. Grow up to become fine hunters," he said.
He walked towards Leorio and slung him over his shoulder.
"I assume you know how to find your own way back."
We both nodded.
Hisoka pulled out his walkie talkie and a voice came through:
Hisoka. You should get back. We're coming close to the second phase.
Ok. I'm coming now.
He walked away, leaving me and Gon speechless.