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BTS ↝Evil Plan↜ on Jimin!
Jimin show us your abs!!
Jimin : you mean this!!!
is getting hot in here!!!
RapMonster : showing off again.
I think you should eat!
Eat more!
You are too skinny.
Those are so delicious!!
Yes... eat more!!!
more sweets too.
Jimin we want to see your abs again. BTS : No ...just sit down!!
Its melted. Why??? Oh... you guys are Evil!!!! I see what you guys had done!!!
Jimin : Not melt yet!!!
BTS : Is okay we love our chubby Jimin...
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I love Jimin no matter what. But I need to just say... the look on JHope's face when he was feeding Jimin that cracker or whatever...can he feed me that way too?
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@ScarletMermaid I know right Jimin is lucky
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Indeed we do.
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