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Some views of the country, just for you to have an idea of the different landscapes across the country, with also different Algerian music styles!
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@Tapsamai the first song is Chaabi (pop) style and you know the topic of the song is about immigration it says "you who are gone where are you traveling you'll end up coming back, many fools regretted it before you and me" basically the topic is the same of people who end up returning to their root country ( very popular song in all the area even France). The second one is called Gnawa style it's music from the south (Sahara) the band is called Gnawa diffusion also known in Europe ( the second part of the song is sang in Berbere language, it's the language of the natives still used language), the third is Raï music it's from the west of the country the singer is Cheb Mami he's very very famous he's called the Prince of Raï (the king is Cheb Khaled you must've heard one of his song) Cheb Mami even made a song with Sting it's called Desert Rose, Madona Also asked for a duet with him he has a strong voice and you know what this song is also about misery of immigration since there is a lot of Algerian immigrants all around the world. There are many other music styles in here Tapsamai every region has its own style. Other people may think that Algeria is a big desert with no culture at all, but that's just the opposite it's a beautiful country with a diversified culture.
WOW !!! I did not know that Algeria did have many type of weather likt that !! you even have snow in the Winter time ! that is awesome !! And the music is soo niceee !! How do you call this type of music ??
@Tapsamai I hope you will watch this, I found it on line hang on to the end OK?!!!! I'm working on the assignment lol ;D