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authors note.
It is currently 2:15am and this is the last social media that i have to set up the dorms on (VINGLE, TUMBLR, WATTPAD) and I'm physically dying. but i promised id post because its almost been 2 months since i posted this. school is heavy shoulders and thats why I've been missing on here. its really shitty but i hope you enjoy.
additional content
This chapter is in tae's point of view.
I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life...I barely know this girl but I feel attracted to her like I need to be by here. I have this weird feeling of protection over her and I don't know why. Maybe it's because she just came to Korea, I don't know. Something about her is special, I just know it. But how long will it take for her to reveal it to me...
"(Y/N). I know you don't feel loved or cared for but I'll learn to love you. I'll make you fall in love with me. You'll understand that I'm a man that deserves you. I'll treat you like the queen you are. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I know you're sleeping now but I feel if I say this while you're awake, it will make things difficult. So for now, these words will be left between me, the barriers of your sleeping ears and the night. I hope you sleep well." I said causing my heart to race a mile a minute. I don't know why she has this effect on me. But I know these words won't ever change anything because they'll forever be stuck between her sleeping ears and the walls of this room....
I wake up to an empty bed, that once had (Y/N) sleeping soundlessly in my arms. I feel my heart start to race as the feeling of fear sunk in. I jump out of the bed and rush downstairs only to see (y/n) sat on the couch, fully dressed, watching Roommates.
"Good morning (Y/N) did you sleep well?" i say with sleep still obviously in my voice.
"It was fine. I'm sorry about yesterday, it wasn't suppose to end like that. I can't really explain it to you yet, i hope you understand." (Y/N) said with her eyes still glued to the tv.
"Its okay. well its 10am right now and today we have a meeting at around 7pm and the boss would like you there to introduce you to the management team and the rest of them all. He said only if you feel completely stable, should you go. if not you should probably stay at home." I said to the silent body, that was still only focused on the
A simple "Okay" was returned and an awkward silence filled the room, leaving me standing with the feeling of loneliness. Even though there was another breathing human in the room. I took it as a cue to exit and make my way into the kitchen to fill this now feeling of hunger in my stomach.
"Hey, Hyung! Can i ask you something?" Jungkook says, rushing over from the cereal
stand on the other side of the kitchen.
"sure, whats up kookie?"
"Is noona okay? She came in house at around 5:30 this morning and it looked like she was crying. She rushed up the stairs, not even noticing that i was sat in the living room watching everything happen. I feel like she's hiding something. Even if she is, that doesn't matter to me. I'd ask her myself, but you seem closer to her than anyone else here." He says in a hushed tone, due to the fact that (Y/N) was in the living room.
His words wonder through my mind before they actually settle in. if she rushed in at 5:30, what time did she leave the bed with me? We went to bed at around midnight-ish... where could she have gone. Questions start to arise in my mind, but i manage to spit some words up and reply to jungkook.
"I dont know what to tell you kookie. But it does seem that there is something wrong with her. Everything seemed okay yesterday before her episode, but now it seems like she's mad at me"
"I guess. Hyung, things are going to get weird now that she's here right? I just hope nothing that happens with her here manages to cause problems between us-" he says before stoping his sentence midway and refocusing his attention else where. "OH! good morning Namjoon Hyung. Do you want me to leave the frosted flakes? theres only a little bit left but you can have it if you like." I turn round to see namjoon leaning against the door frame with (Y/N) standing next to him, obviously attempting to avoid eye contact with me.
"No, you can have it. I'm gonna go out with (Y/N). we'll be back at later" Before i could ask when 'later' actually was, the two of them had turned away and walk through the front door.
"Since when did namjoon hyung like going out in the morning? Especially with other people?" Jungkook said with a confused expression.
"i dont know, i dont care. He can take care of her." i said as i walked out of the kitchen and to my room.
So many questions came to mind as I slumped down on to my bed and stared at the white ceiling. I grab my pillow to prop my head up only to see (Y/N)'s phone underneath. I grab it and press the home button to see a text from "Unknown". Why would someone be saved as unknown, but they're texting her. Since this morning, I've only been able to wonder what is going on with (Y/N). Out of curiosity i swipe the message to see the full message conversation appear.
Received at @ 3:34 am
Are you sleeping yet?
Delivered @ 3:37 am
I was but i just woke up, why? what do you want?
Received at @ 3:37 am
Immediately, I shut the message and throw the phone back down onto the bed. Who is "unknown"? How does he/she know (Y/N)? Yet again, more Questions arise and i have a lack of answers. The only thing that is looking like ill be getting answers from are in that conversation. I take the courage to pick the phone back up and reopen the messages.
Received at @ 3:38 am
I miss your lips and I'm not just talking about the ones on your face. I'm missing your body against mine. I said it was lust but i feel like it was love instead. I think that my words may have fucked up last time. I need to feel what we did again. Please, come over.
Delivered @ 3:40 am
Do you think I'm that stupid? You just want to have sex again. You don't love me. You barely know me. It was lust and not love. I'm with someone right now and I'm pretty comfortable with him too.
Received at @ 3:43 am
You know I'm better than him. comfortable? are you sure? You looked pretty bored sleeping by that table at the mall.
Delivered @ 3:47 am
How the hell could you have possibly known that? The Mall was on lockdown only for me and him.
Received at @ 3:50 am
Obviously not. Can you just come over?
Delivered @ 4:00 am
Open your door then.
I threw down the phone in utter disgust. I don't know how to feel. The fact that she got up in the middle of the night to possibly go and have sex with someone else. The messages still left me with two questions...
Who is "unknown"?
How do they know (Y/N)?
Were they the reason she came in crying?
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