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In this card im talking about how sakura was as a kid and how naruto gave his life for her
If you watch the naruto series you should know that naruto liked sakura and sakura liked sasuke.Even tho sasuke almost killed her like who knows how many times sakura still chases after him.While kid naruto trys to keep her safe even tho it means giving his life.But we all know that naruto will sacrifice his life to save his friends and his village. And we know how kakashi said "Those who break the rules are scum,but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum. This is the reason why i dont like sakura.
Tho naruto always getting hit by sakura and sasuke mostly trying to destroy the village or kill naruto and sakura they will always in the end be friends. But you all have to admit that sakura is badass most of the time. Thank you and goodnight.
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No sakura is terrible only beaten by Orihime in the MOST USELESS character in their respected Anime. Her she has only two badass moments, 1: Fight against Sasori and in all honesty she wasn't doing the legwork chiyo was 2: When she punched Kaguya where AGAIN leg work by somebody else. Sakura has her moments OF usefulness they are just 100 episodes and 50 chapters apart from each other xD
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lol u know your stuff
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well you could also say that narutos only alive because of her though
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