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Hey cuties! I will be writing about someone I've recently started obsessing over..... iKon's Bobby!!! Though he may not look the part, Bobby is known to have a kind heart, and it has been revealed in recent events. A while back, there were many articles and pictures of Bobby helping out an older woman who was having trouble with her cart, and, despite being in the middle of a schedule, he ran over to help her with it.
And not too long ago, there was another incident in which Bobby gave a fan his jacket!! Many people look and judge others based on clothing, but this proves that what you see on the outside doesn't define the whole person. Bobby dresses and looks a bit hard on the outside, but on the inside he's just a mushy glob of cuteness! If you don't like him at first, there is no way that you will not fall for him later! His acts of kindness, and all those time he took care of his members show his true colors, and the fact that he is an awesome artist, and a caring member make him even more amazing than he already is! Bobby oppa saranghae! 바비 오빠 사랑 해요!
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@Kpop100 he's such a sweetheart and it's sad alot of people don't know that.
Omg I didn't even know Bobby that well until now, I see that cuteness in him! Ima love Bobby😘
omg I love him so much, he's such a cutie, how can he get any cuter?? AH my heart
I swear this man will be the death of many fangirls
@CreeTheOtaku I know exactly how you feel
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