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3 years and I'm back in the damn hospital. This time Namjoon was with me and it wasn't a horrible visit. "Everything is looking good. Keep doing what your doing and everything will go smoothly when it's time." The doctor said "Oh I'm so glad! I thought this pain was telling me it was time." I said with a sigh of relief. "No your fine. You have a little longer before it time." "What happens if I'm not there when it happens?" Namjoon asked "I suggest making sure when the time is closer that someone stays with her or is a short distance away." "Ok thank you doctor." I smiled grabbing Namjoons hand. The doctor lead us out of the room. "Baby..." I turned to look at namjoon "Yes." "I'm scared that I won't be here when it happens." "Well we have a date so we are gonna try to stick to it ok." "Ok...but like death you can't control this either." "Namjoonie!" I started laughing. We sat down for one more test today. "I still can't believe it. After only 1 year we are so blessed." He placed his hand on my belly. "I know it's amazing. I can't wait to find out what we are having." I smiled placing my hand over his. "I want a girl so she can be a little copy of you." "Well I want either. It will be a mix of both of us and that's all I want." "Mrs. Kim." I got up and walked over to the nurse. She lead us to a room and had me sit on a table and lift my shirt. She put some gunk on my belly and then started using the little wand and moving around my belly. "Everything is looking good....and do you want to know the sex today?" "Yes!" We both said excitedly causing her to laugh. "Ok...well here we have....." We decided to surprise everyone with what we were having. We invited everyone over. Tae was still with Jojo they were pretty serious we were all just waiting on him to ask her to marry him. Everyone else had someone as well. But out of us Namjoon and I had the longest relationship out of everyone. Plus we were married and having a baby. "So what are you having?" Jojo asked "Well." I looked at namjoon who was just beaming with joy. "You all will find out soon." He said placing a kiss on my lips. We pulled out a cake and placed it on the table. We had called a bakery after we found out to make a cake. On the way home we picked it up. "Who wants cake." I said grabbing a knife. And a round of I do's happened. I cute one line and then namjoon cut a line then pulled the piece out and set it on the plate. "Omg!!! Your having a girl!"Jojo screamed and started jumping up and down. "Congratulations!" Was screamed. I just smiled and hugged Namjoon. I was completely happy and having this baby made me love Namjoon a whole lot more. He was amazing before but he's just way more than I expected. At first I was afraid of getting pregnant because of his job but he said we would figure things out. Fwd 3.5 months Namjoon was doing a concert and I was at home and I had Jojo over. We were getting the babies room ready. We had painted the walls pink and put little hearts and flowers all over. And we had everything organized. "Ow" I said in between folding clothes. "Are you ok (y/n)?" "Yea just a sharp pain." "Maybe we should go for a walk." "Yea that sounds like a good idea" we started getting ready to go for our walk when my phone rang. "Namjoonie!!!!" "Hey baby how are you feeling?" "I'm good Jojo and I are gonna take a walk now." "Ok I'll hurry home tonight ok?" "Oh you don't need to I'm not gonna give birth tonight." "(Y/n) what did I tell you?" I couldn't help but smile at his voice. "I can't control when I'm gonna give birth." "Exactly. So just in case I'm making sure to get home fast." "Ok...well go get ready for your show I'll see you later tonight." "Alright I love you!" "I love you too namjoonie. Good luck." "Thank you!" And we hung up. Jojo and I ended up walking for about 2 hours. When I got home and rested for 10 mins I started getting the pain again. It was intense for a few seconds then stopped. This happened every so often. I started to time them every 6 mins I have this pain. I didn't tell Jojo since she would worry. I was doing well until they started getting closer. "(Y/n) are you in pain?" "No." "You're lying how often are they?" "Um now they are 4 mins apart." "That's it." She picked up my phone and called a number. Then she started talking to someone. She explained what was happening. She then hung up. "Where is your overnight bag?" "Over there." I pointed to the corner by the door. "Alright let's get going." "What are we doing?" "Taking you to the hospital." "No I'm not having this baby with out Namjoon." "Well hopefully your baby can hold off until he can but we are going to the hospital in case that doesn't happen." She forced me to the car and drove to the hospital on the way I called namjoon. His phone went to voice-mail as expected. "Hi baby...I just um wanted to tell you that I'm going to the hospital." I was on the verge of tears. "I'm having contractions every 4 mins. Don't painc ok? I love you and can't wait to .....oh my God this ....holy hell. ....." a contraction was hitting me hard. "Take deep breaths we are almost there." "Ok" the pain started to go away. " sorry....anyways I hope your concert was amazing but get your butt here as fast as you can. I won't have this baby without you! I LOVE YOU!!!! Bye." I hung up and stared rubbing my belly hoping that would help the pain. After I got to the hospital they took me into a room and got me set up. They said that I could walk if I wanted to help progress the labor. "Hell no! My husband has to be here before I give birth so I won't help progress it." "Yea she doesn't want to give birth tonight she was trying to hold off till the due date." Jojo said laughing "First child?" "Yes." "Normally first children come early." The nurse said and left the room. "How much longer till you think he'll get here." I was situating myself on the bed. "I don't know hopefully not much longer" Jojo said sitting down. What felt like hours later namjoon bursts through the door. "(Y/n)! Please share I didn't miss it." I smiled " Nope not at all." "Oh thank god." He came and kissed me on the lips. "We're gonna have a baby tonight." He whispered as he pulled away. "Yup." Even though I was going through pain I still loved this man like crazy and was ready for our girl to join us. I sat up and them felt this rush of water cover my legs. "Haha I think my water just broke." I was freaking out now. "Go get the nurse!" I tried not to scream. Someone ran and got her and she checked me. "Alright I'll page the doctor and then we'll be ready for you to push soon." "Everyone please leave.... I just want Namjoon in here with me." I didn't need anyone else in here. "Ok." Was heard through out the room and they all started heading out. "Namjoon....I love you so much but I'm making some rules now. 1) you are not to watch the baby come out. 2) cut the umbilical cord. 3) please kiss me...I'm freaking out now." As I finished my speech he pressed his lips against mine. "I can do all those for you baby. I love you so much and I wish I could do this for you so you don't have to go through the pain." "Hey its a little better since they gave me some pain medicine so don't worry." I pulled him close and pecked his lips then the doctor came in. "Alright let's bring your baby into this world." I turned my head to look at Namjoon and he smiled at me. "We are about to be parents." "We are!" I smiled and turned back to listen to the doctor telling me what to do.
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*cries* im gonna miss this story. it was so wonderful
WWWAAAAAEEEEEE????????? Why must it end??????? I'm so gonna miss this story. It was so cute!!!!!
@KaeliShearer Omg you just make me bust up laughing. I'm sad to end this story too but I have more in store for everyone....Here's a spoiler....a new story will be added this week....I hope you are all ready for some more fun!
loved it
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