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I'm wondering if these anime's that are force tied with a product sold by a company bad anime or if they shouldn't be considered anime just long commercials for there product.
These anime like any other have there main character, their rival, and the bad guy turned good.
They each have friends that they can count on, when going through hardships or tough choices they can turn to their friends just like in any other anime.
EXCEPT FOR THIS GARBAGE! This abomination should not exist for any reason under any universe under any sun,moon or deity.
So what do you think? Do these anime's deserve to be called anime or BE an anime? Do you disagree? In that case, I'll use this. xD I'll make more in depth Card's for EACH anime which will require me to watch each and every one...BEST HOMEWORK EVER!
@CreeTheOtaku I wouldn't know haven't watched much of it I thought Dan and Masquerade were fine though can't speak on it as a whole as well as I haven't seen the Japanese version only since the birth of Zexal in English have I understood some anime should NEVER BE DUBBED
@CreeTheOtaku Bakugan was good in the beginning but like everything that gets milked for money it went to the dogs, went from simple out tactic your opponent increase your bp decrease their's to BIG EXPLOSIONS FIGHT SEQUENCES, "OH I GOT A JET PACK NOW SON WHAT" sh*t got stupid -.-
@CreeTheOtaku beywheels died as soon as it started xD 13 or so episodes and none of it matters xD
@CreeTheOtaku no it's just "G" to me because of that anime Cardfight is DEAD I hardly know what WHAT'S going on I don't even think the WRITERS know what's going on FFS they are dragging the Cardfight name through the mud with that garbage.
@ZephyrBlaze oh God the pokemon anime is so awful! I love the games but I hate every episode of pokemon that I've seen! I always used to check back every other season to see if it finally got better but it never has... I eventually gave up.
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