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I'm wondering if these anime's that are force tied with a product sold by a company bad anime or if they shouldn't be considered anime just long commercials for there product.
These anime like any other have there main character, their rival, and the bad guy turned good.
They each have friends that they can count on, when going through hardships or tough choices they can turn to their friends just like in any other anime.
EXCEPT FOR THIS GARBAGE! This abomination should not exist for any reason under any universe under any sun,moon or deity.
So what do you think? Do these anime's deserve to be called anime or BE an anime? Do you disagree? In that case, I'll use this. xD I'll make more in depth Card's for EACH anime which will require me to watch each and every one...BEST HOMEWORK EVER!
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@lacords1993 no? no what?
to me, both Caedfight Vanguard and Cardfight Vanguard G are pretty interesting and a good anime I don't know about the other ones tho
@KuroUsagi24 no no no no "G" sucks big dick it is the WORST piece of product anime, honest GARBAGE at it's core. It is ruining EVERYTHING Cardfight Vanguard stood for. Interesting Story? Chucked. Dynamic Characters? Not on your on life. Actual visualization of the match WHILE having decent action sequences? Gone and FORGOTTEN.
I never really got into Bakugan. Yugioh, I kept up with until gen 3 when they started using motorcycles to duel, after that I just stopped watching it but I still keep up with the cards and rules. Vanguard, I never watched the show, but I know how to play the tcg because a friend of mine showed me how to play