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Hi alllll!

I'm doing what every good anime spends her Sunday night doing, and trying to put together a list of the anime I've dropped, been meaning to watch, didn't know about, etc.
For some reason, I never got into keeping a list on MAL (my anime list) like some people do, so I'm actually just going to make a card here eventually of everything I've seen & am working on watching for my own sake!!

What's on your personal watch list?

List as many or as few as you want! I want more inspiration for what I need to make sure is on mine, so bring it on! Plus, it's fun seeing what everyone wants to watch ^-^

Leave your list in the comments!

Tagging some friends ^^
ah damn. my completed list isn't completed yet πŸ˜… so there's a whole lot more that I would recommend but here's some... - amagi brilliant park - ano natsu de matteru - arakawa under the bridge - danshi koukousei no nichijou - great teacher onizuka - kokoro connect - natsume yuujinchou - no. 6 - saenai heroine no sodatekata - sankarea - shinsekai yori - zankyou no terror
I have too many anime on my list
grimgore naragami season 2 durarara uta no prince Tokyo ghoul season 3
Your Lie in April Fairy Tail Yowamushi Pedal Finish D.Gray-man
I'll finish ouran highschool host club then the second season of baka and test then ether when supernatural battles became commonplace or kill la kill
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