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I am crying
I am crying right now I can't stop thinking of what I am going to do without them Like I need them in my life they are part of my family Are you guys going to wait for them to comeback? I am going to wait and listen to their music everyday I don't care if their is a new boy band my heart only belongs to them I know that I am overreacting but this is all true 馃嚢馃嚪馃嚢馃嚪馃嚢馃嚪馃槏馃槶馃槏馃槶馃槬馃槹馃槱鉂わ笍
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My mom isn't home so I'm going to stay up late today @Sailynn
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@WendyNegrete the live is starting in 20 minutes
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@WendyNegrete I saw 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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Oh I can wait... I got enough material to take me through this rough time 馃樋
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I tear up every single time I think of T.O.P. enlisting, they'll be back though won't they? honestly I'm not sure. They're getting kind of old, I think by the time everyone is done serving they'll be settling down. I wish I hadnt joined this fandom so late. it feels like I found them just yesterday and now they're leaving for so long... *jhope voice* my heartu
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