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It's been a while since I've written up a "Love Tips from Anime" card, so here go!

Today's topic is allllll about giving compliments!

As Mr. Collins from Pride & Prejudice would say, working on the art of giving compliments can do a great deal of help to impress someone....but only if you're less awkward than he is!!! So, today I'm going to try to give some tips about complimenting others WITHOUT BEING TOO WEIRD!!!

Tip 1: Don't back out!

If someone seems surprised by your compliment.....DON'T TAKE IT AWAY!!!! You're allowed to tell people they look nice (**see my note at the bottom for exceptions), and you don't need to be afraid to do so. If you're acquainted and you're ready to show that you have some extra interest in someone, telling them something nice is nothing to be ashamed of. But once you give the compliment, you can't back out! You mean what you're saying, right? Then just say it!!

Tip 2: Don't "plan" your compliments.

See how scary & frustrated our friend here looks? That's what will happen if you plan your compliments in advance so you should NEVER DO THIS!!! Only give a compliment if, in the moment, you truly believe what you are saying. It'll feel more genuine that way, and thus be better received. Even if you're not the best with words, saying something slightly awkward in the moment is better than coming off as creepy or like you are a robot who has been rehearsing your lines :P Just say what you feel, and it'll be ok.

Tip 3: Compliment Something Non-Physical

You can see my note below, but compliments related to appearance can very, very easily be taken as, well....creepy. I mean, all you have to do to appreciate someones looks is to look at them, right?
Why not compliment something that requires you to actually know more about them?
Try complimenting the way they always know what to say to the girl in class who's upset, or their way of making jokes in class. Find something unique about them that you like, and compliment that! You'll get a lot farther along in them appreciating your attentions this way ;)


Lol, I don't know how else to phrase that. But what I mean is that you probably know that a lot of girls (and guys!) get a lot of unwanted compliments, right?
I like to save my compliments for people I am on friendly terms with and to keep them appropriate to our level of acquaintance. Co-worker I barely talk to? Not going to tell him I like his lips, lol. Co-worker I talk to at least 3 or 4 times a day about non work related things? Sure, I can compliment how flattering that dress is on her! Just make sure that if your compliment ever seems to be taken in a creepy way or in a way that makes you feel like you're out of line, apologize immediately for overstepping boundaries, and let the other person decide if it was ok or not!!! Tip #3 is really good for this one ^-^

And that's all for today!

So get out there & compliment your crush ^-^
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