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Okay....how have I never noticed this before?!

Just look how similar they seem! I've seen a few comparisons now that I looked for them, but I found SOOO many stills that are too similar!
Their eyes are different shapes & their hair style is slightly different, but you still can't deny how similar they look!

Here's Taiga....

And here's Ryouko?!

Compare these two gifs, too!!

At least they're both cute ^-^

Taiga is from Toradora and Ryouko is from Okami-San and Her Seven Companions!
Ryouko is Taiga's and Ryuuji daughter 鈽猴笍
@rik40 I remember...the stupid Chihuahua was there too.
Hey guys u know that there's a Easter egg on Okamisan show? Taiga and the red head (forgot her name so sorry don't hate me) pop out in one of the episodes. I don't know which specific episode but I know it has a little kid looking for a wife though and then u have to look carefully when there are lots of girls being scrolled right thru! But wait there's more! There are also characters from the show called Index (finished the first ark part of the show 6th ep) so far so good will give u the feels. Maybe u guys already knew all of this but I was bored at the time of writing this so gg to all the people who read this all.
Ryouko looks like she can be Taiga's older sister
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