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I figured, since we have 15 minutes to spare in the EST time zone area for the V app to show us our lovely men go on the stage for the last time (as far as I understand) as a whole group on the Made tour, I have put together some pictures to truly appreciate the lovelies!
... I'm going to cry during this concert, ain't I?
My second to ultimate bias in main list but the reason I got into K-pop, TOP is a talented man, with an awesome personality.
G-D is one of the main people of the group, doesn't matter what he is wearing he can pull it off!
Taeyang and his sexiness
Our lil panda! Seungri!
D-light or daesung, my other bae
Who else is still up and going to watch it today/night or even at the concert?
I've got my app up and some snacks ready for my fangirling self to start as I switch between cams but will mostly be on TOP.
Ugh, I'm so excited, it should be starting any time now!
10 year anniversary concert this summer yay
I was hoping to be able to go to the concert when it was in the US but it always on the opposite side of the country or during midterms/exams for me. :( I'm so glad that they at least have it on the V app for us though!!!
I'm up and ready for it to start!!!!
Hell yeah!