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At my funeral I stood before my deathless death Worshipping the lord above, for my, one final breath As I inhaled her, and intoxicated my soul, from her aroma I casted my shadow onto hers, petrifying our own nova As the human me, was falling into the scythe of the dark seer And happily, I left my heart with her, as I disappear These memories that I've left behind Will call my name, and fill my void As they're quite reluctant to leave her sight As she held me completely under her twilight All the seasons, I watched her changing her immense beauty And I went insane with each of her attire and virtue to be seen The touch, that held her tight to my chest Was, my heartbeats' true quest The look, that my eyes painted onto the canvas The canvas of colours and imagination never vanishes As I still keep all the emotions deep within my heart With which, I'm feeling heavy, and ascending slowly, but apart This life was a mere accident for us to meet and fall in love The journey shall start above, when we'd be in each other's arms as one Cause souls can't be killed, nor they can be separated Just these forms are there, in different worlds, being faded I've left my all with you, for you to search my soul As I've lost my directions without you, being a ghoul Love is all I've done all my life And I'm hugging the deathless death being naive
Oh! I like this!! I think the wrong love can kill you, or at least drain you!
@HridayAgarwal it can also make you age alot faster and become a spade I can really relate to this poem it's true especially if you stand and look yourself at the mirror
it also can teach you a lot of things