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Big Bang ↝V Live↜ Broadcast Ended
As the Final Live ended. I was about to tear up when the broadcast end without showing us the real "encore" songs. But Good new is they will be doing their BB 10th Anniversary Concert this Summer!!!!
GD was tear up abit when he did the speech..
TOP been showing us lots love...♡♡♡♡
Daesung doing the "horse run".
TOP kill us by taking off his sunglasses!!! (same feeling as I see Kpop taking shirt off)
My best ship for the concert!!! GD x Seungri
Panda's Butt !!!!
IF You!!!! I see many of us stay up late or "early" to watch this!!!!♡♡♡♡Love it!!!Enjoyed it!!!
IM SO UPSET I MISSED THIS!!! i was preparing for it an everything. So upset. I like cant talk to myself
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Great pics, love them so much. T.O.P is so dreamy in glasses, but it's also so sexy when he takes of his sunglasses. It really is as sexy as another singer stripping. He's just that incredible!
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