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Great New!!! Big Bang will be doing their 10th Anniversary Concert this Summer!!! This is not the End ladies...let's put your tears back!!! hold off the tissues.. we will do our crying at Summer Time!!
From GD's IG Captions: Thank you and Thank you, Love and Love
From Taeyang's IG Captions : Thank you all, love you all. (I am so proud of them!!!!)
From Seungri's IG Captions : Thanks to all the VIP fans, we will see you soon in our 10th anniversary concert!
After Encore song ↝Haru Haru↜ cutting the cake!!
GD is watching the fans leaving the concert!! GD.. why so cute!!!
@amandamuska it was the last concert of the made tour but they're having another concert this summer for their 10 year anniversary
awww the thanks @lovetop i will definitely wait for the replay and watch it.
@sherrysahar As A VIP fans... I love it... I had to stay up all night... but good thing even is was raining hard, my connection were still very good. Sad thing is we don't get to see thwir encore songs and cutting the cake all that.
ok thats good
was that there last concert
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