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As a curious A.R.M.Y., I took some quizzes online to find out who I resemble in BTS as well as my BTS bf~ :9 (links included!)

Who resembles me???

1. boombox: Jungkook 2. kultscene: Jimin 3. buzzfeed: Jungkook 4. playbuzz: Jimin 5. random quotev quiz: Jin

Who's my S.O.???

1. sbs: J-hope 2. allkpop: Jungkook 3. soompi: Jin 4. m: Suga 5. quotev: Rap Monster 6. quotev2: V 7. playbuzz: Jungkook

That awkward moment when you resemble your bias wreckers!!! XD And then end up being a match for one of them... oh well. V, you're still my #1 ♡ (:

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I got Taehyung 3 times and Jungkook 2 times.... I guess I'm just a naughty troublemaker 😂