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hello ! i'm so so so so sorry for being inactive with this series for so long. i haven't had the chance to make any lockscreens in a long time due to school work hopefully these few make up for my absence ?? i'm sorry again and you guys can start requesting again! oh, just a note : i changed my style for lockscreens so these look much different from the past ones. you guys can still request lockscreens in the old style though .
for : @MichelleIbarra image : jungkook of BTS lyrics : nothing like us omg i'm so sorry i realized i'd been getting your username wrong when i tried tagging you.
for : @Michellelbarra image : namjoon (rap monster) of BTS lyrics : fools - troye sivan
for : @SugaKookies image : seungcheol of SEVENTEEN lyrics : shining diamond i made two versions :D you can just choose which one you like better
for : @CrookedShadow image : jiyong (g-dragon) lyrics : SOBER - BIGBANG
image : sehun of EXO lyrics : none
image : lee ji-eun (IU) lyrics : none
again , sorry for being inactive with these! i don't think i missed anybody's request but please comment if i missed yours! anyone can request now and can request as many times as they would like! thanks for liking these and requesting!
I'm barely seeing these! Thank you! ❤
@Xiuyeolhyun of course !
Can You tag me? and can I request??
@sleepingyoongi woot! Thank you! 😀
@BluBear07 no but i can make some :-)
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