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Hello my Super Nakama!

It's March and that means it's international women month! Here on Super Sunday we're gonna celebrate by taking a look at some of the most beautiful and powerful women in all of anime; the women of Fairy Tail!
There's no doubt that the Fairy Tail women are beautiful but they're more than just a pretty face. The ladies of Fairy Tail are strong, tough and smart. They hold their own against the boys and in some cases top their male counterparts.
As I sit here writing this card , watching Fairy Tail, I'm reminded just how badass these girls are! Here's a tribute to my top 3 favorite Women in Fairy Tail (in no particular order)

Cana Alberona:

The Magic Card user of Fairy Tail. She's as drunk as she is beautiful; no one in the guild ever dare challenge her to a drinking contest. She's the daughter of the most powerful S class wizard in Fairy Tail, Guild Arts, and she's a chip off the old block. She's one of the most powerful members in the guild as her cards can summon many different creatures and abilities. Cana is the only member of Fairy Tail to use the Fairy Glitter magic; a very powerful magic bestowed upon her by non other than Fairy Tail's first master Mavis.

Always calm cool and collected, Cana is sexy suave who can beat any man or women in a game of drink!

Levy McGarden:

The Brains of Fairy Tail, Levy proves herself to be one of the top females of the guild.
Levy is a cute blue haired genius who specializes in Solid Script magic, summoning words such as fire, Ice and lightning and turning them into the elements they spell out. She's a petite cute girl with a bubbly personality, always in the positive side of situations. Levy is the leader of her three person team Shadow Gear, along with her forever in the friend zone teammates, Droy and Jet.

She leads her team with brains and beauty and her Script Magic makes her a force to be reckoned with. Just don't mess with her or you'll have to answer to her Iron Dragon boyfriend.

Erza Scarlet:

The queen of the fairies: Tatiana. Erza is the most powerful woman in the Fairy Tail Guild; her requip magic allows her to change into powerful armor and wield powerful weapons. So tough she scares the strongest of men including series protagonist Natsu. Erza once defeated 100 monsters in the grand wizard games giving her team huge points in the games. She's tough but not beyond being "girly" as she loves to dress up and look cute from time to time despite her favorite outfit being her chest plate armor.

Erza is no doubt the eye candy of every man (and some girls). The favorite of many Fairy Tail fans not just as a woman but as a great character.

There are many other powerful sexy women, not just in the Fairy Tail Guild but in all of Fiore.

The Fairy Tail anime is filled with many beautiful women, strong, resilient, brave and just as tough as their male counterparts.
Who's your favorite Fairy Tail Female?
From the Guild or not
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@tbell2 you haven't seen Fairy Tail?! Well you're in for a treat.
@tbell2 lol it's all good. I know how it is. It took me a long time to get into Naruto and One Piece
As someone who hasn't watched fairy tail either (well, watched parts, haven't had the time to watch it all), i really appreciate this: "She's as drunk as she is beautiful;" hahahahahahha
Ahhh @TylerDurso Terrific card!!! I love it! I wish I have seen Fairy Tail and now I wanna really see it because what you have said about it. XD
@TylerDurso me and @tbell2 will get there eventually :P lol
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