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Hey cuties. So last night, I got home late from babysitting my baby cousin, and suddenly I got notifications on Facebook. I follow a page named Yoonmined, and they posted pics of Jungkook with his fans!!!
Why is my baby so adorable?!?!? (He's older than me though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) There were some fans that saw him walk around and stop by a cafe in Hongdae. There was a girl that told him she was his fan, and asked if she could have a hug from him, and he just stood there with his arms wide open!!! (one sec, please excuse me while I have a mini heart attack)
Why must we live this cursed life of an international fan?!?!?
Writer: Shey! @ParkHwaYoung
Tagging the head chairs:
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The struggle of worldwide media. Sadly internet exists to build us up and break us down 😒😒
Aww he's grown, not so shy around girls anymore. awww kookie. that lucky fan though
omo I'd snuggle into him cuz that's my thing
I'm so jealous!!!!
the sas life of an international fan. everything happens not where you are
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