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There are 5 sets of dragon balls in the dbz universe...each one can grant any type of wish but they do have limits..earth dragon balls with with 2 wishes but with many limits...namekian dragon balls with 3 wishes with some limits...cracked balls that grant nothing....ultimate set with hardly any limits...and the super balls with no limits
Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza along with the whole race
Vegeta loved his planet and his raced...he has come across all forms of the Dragon balls yet he never wished for his planet or race back...I never thought about till now that Vegeta could have been brought his family back but choose not too
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Damn that's true, never thought about it.
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I have thought about that thought it was weird he didn't do that idk maybe he didn't want them back cuz then they would all try to become saiyans or try to attack random planets with frieza being gone.
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...he is truly a very evil person
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