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So i want to be more active on here so i decided to make a 30 day bts challenge. Any one can enter! I'll also participate in it. If you can't read what it says let me list them here: Day 1: Why you love BTS Day 2: Favorite BTS song Day 3: Favorite BTS music video Day 4: Your bias and why Day 5: Favorite bts meme/parody/funny photo Day 6: Favorite photo of Rap Monster Day 7: Favorite photo of Jin Day 8: Favorite photo of Suga Day 9: Favorite photo of J-hope Day 10: Favorite photo of Jimin Day 11: Favorite photo of V Day 12: Favorite photo of Jungkook Day 13: Favorite photo of the group Day 14: Post dedicated to Rap Monster Day 15: Post dedicated to Jin Day 16: Post dedicated to Suga Day 17: Post dedicated to J-hope Day 18: Post dedicated to Jimin Day 19: Post dedicated to V Day 20: Post dedicated to Jungkook Day 21: Favorite BTS dance pratice Day 22: Favorite BTS performance Day 23: Funniest BTS moment Day 24: Most Handsome member Day 25: Sexiest Member Day 26: Cutest Member Day 27: Most underrated member Day 28: Your BTS merch? or merch you want Day 29: BTS dance you want to learn or already know Day 30: Post dedicated to the group as a whole
For Example:

30 Day BTS Challenge ⇦ Title

Day 1: Why you love BTS Well first off i have a lot to say but let's keep this short. The reason why i love bts is because of thier personalities off stage. For example they are goofy and i love that
Another reason why i love them is because they are talented.
Another reason is because they know how to capture my heart with thier cuteness and thier energy.
Last reason is because they know how to make me feel special. Also because they can make me die just by looking hot
That's how it should look like ⇧⇧ I hope some people will Participate @kpopandkimchi @KpopINT @stevieq @orchiofriend549