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ReaderXJin Short Story


Imagine you knew Jin Dirty little secret and he begged you not to tell anyone. he told you he'll do anything you want. so now you got this angel face guy to do anything you wish, whatever you want, however you Want it whenever you want...;) all so that you wouldn't tell his Dirty secrets.....But instead your his slave instead who is Jin and how long can you keep his little secret before its slips out
Your eyes open wide, your mouth slightly dropped open, your body stood frozen, you were so shocked You couldn't believe what you just witness, was that really Jin? Did you really see what you just saw!? Was Jin really doing what he just did!? no that impossible right..? Jin isn't those type of people or maybe it was just your imagination...yeah a very vivid Imagination You paced back and forth waiting for Jin who told you to meet him in your room, he wanted to talk to you about something and you knew what it was but you didn't know what to say or even think about what to say when you talk to him your mind was to hazy and confused from what you witness and no matter how much you try to un see what you saw it just wouldn't leave your mind. Your body flinched when you heard a sudden knock on your door.
"(Y/N)...It's me Jin.....can I come in?"
Your body started to tense up, you suddenly started to heat up and sweat you felt so nervous almost like you were just about to be interrogated and force to confess a crime you didn't commit "Come in!" You bluntly response without a single thought. Jin open the room door slowly as he picked his head in to find you standing in the center of your room your hands tucked inside of the pocket of your hoodie and your face flushed Red. Jin walk in closing the door behind him. Jin stood in front of you looking down At you since your short to compare to him, he tucked his hands inside of his pockets. The room went silent and awkwardness filled the room "So....the weather...." You said trying to break the awkward silence you averted your eyes from him and look around as you swung you arms side to side still feeling tense, you could feel Jin eyes burning your skin, you wonder why is he staring so hard at you is he trying to figure something out? do you have somethings on your face? what is it? "You saw didn't you " Jin went straight to the point "Saw what? I have no idea what your talking about " you said sarcastically Jin grabs you by your wrist and pull you towards him forcing you to look at him "You know what I mean! Stop acting dumb (Y/N) " Jin shouted his voice shuttered with anxiousness "Who says I'm acting..."you stop and thought to yourself for second "wait that came out wrong I take it back" you said looking up at Jin worrisome face "(Y/A) please don't tell anyone " he begged you placing his hand on your shoulders "I'll do anything you want whatever you wish I'll be your butler or slave if you want just please keep your mouth shut" Jin pleaded as his face got closer to yours you could feel his breathing. "Deal" you said to Jin push him away and putting your hand out in front of you Jin shake your hand to close the deal "Your secret safe with me..." You smiled at Jin. You sudden felt relieved until Jin tighten his grip and yanked you close to him "Your my slave from here on out angel face you got that" he whispered in your ear sending shivers down your spine.
LATER THAT DAY AT NIGHT " I can't believe He said that to me" you squealed both excited and terrified, you sat up from your bed and started thinking about Jin and what he did and said, should you really trust him or not, maybe not considering how he suddenly act different, maybe you should tell your friends or not, since their big mouth and would tell other which will go online everywhere and Jin would find out and would kill you or do what he did to the other girl... Nah you just over thinking it. You drop back down to bed as you started thinking of Jin and his innocent looking eyes that beautiful brown silky hair that milky white skin and those moist pink lips and how he suddenly changed to someone completely opposite. Your body felt hot suddenly as you started remembering what you saw Jin doing, your face started to turn pink again. "I want to feel his body against me" you murmur to yourself angrily. "(Y/N) " you sat up fast causing you to get light head when you heard Jin voice behind your door. Jin open the door and walk in as he shut it behind him. "oh hey what's up?" You asked happily but Jin face was dead serious. "Is somethings wrong?" You ask getting up from your bed but before you could full stand up Jin knock you back down as he grabs a hold of both of your hands pinning you down against the bed "Wait...WHAT...WAIT!" You shouted your mind still processing what just happen. Jin lean in close to your neck you could feel his warm breathe "(Y/N) " he whispered passionately "let me make you mines tonight" Jin brushed his lips against your neck causing your body to tremble. "I'll make you a woman tonight if you spread your legs for me "Jin said after every brushed of kiss against your neck. "Want to be my princess peach an I'll be your Mario" Jin said as he looked into your eyes you could feel your face turning pink "Let me into tunnel princess so I can defeat the beast within " Jin shove a hand in between your thighs and slide it up and Hikes up your nightgown and reviling your cute pink poke-a-dotted panties Jin smirks as he goes down and spread your legs grabbing you from behind your knees he licks your underwear causing you to feel a warm moist feeling that made your knees buckled Jin pulled your underwear off and goes back in he start licking and lapping your juices, you give out a sexy little moan Jin smiled and continue eating you out he flicked his tongue against your sensitive spot repeatedly, he slowly slipped in a finger while still licking. your body jolted and trembled, your knee weaken and your mind goes hazy, your body felt heated you couldn't think straight especially with Jin finger banging you and eating you out, Your body jolted again as Jin slipped another finger in your moans got louder your back arched and your hand grabbing a hold of your bed sheets Jin slipped in all three fingers and started moving them faster "wait...J-Jin Uh God...." You Gasped for air. Your whole body quiver as Jin kissed your stomach tenderly. You felt somethings poked your thigh when you looked down you realize your leg was in between Jin thighs you licked your lips. "J-Jin...I W-want T-to please you t-to" you hitched after every word, Jin smirks as he slowly pulls his fingers out and licks them "first I want to kiss your lips" Jin teases and leaning in slowly you closed your eyes tightly Jin chuckles softly "Not those lips" he said pressing his finger against your lips softly "Those lips" Jin said slowly sliding his hand down again he sinks down to his knee again as he kisses your bottom lips passionately your knees start to tremble you could feel this weird sensation almost like you wanted to..."Jin! I'm c-Cumming!"you slurred as you grab a fist full of Jin hair Jin stand up and pulls you up but your knees were to weak for you to stand, your drop down as Jin unzips his pants and removes them and his boxers his member flings up you notice how rock hard it was and how moist it was, it dripped. Jin member throbbed as you kissed the tip you slowly licked the tip causing Jin to hitched as he inhaled sharply you swirled your tongue around the tip of the head you then started sucking the tip only, you also stroked it pulling the foreskin back, Jin bits back a moan and throws his head back you smile teasingly as you gently scrape your teeth against it cause Jin hips to jerk and give out a wantonly grunt. Your eyes meet as you continued sucked his member, you could see the hunger in his eyes such lingeringly look. Jin grab a fist full of your hair and shove it deep down your throat hitting your gag reflex you pulled away to breathe gasping for air when Jin picks your and bends you over shoving your face into bed "(Y/N) I'm sorry I can't hold back anymore " Jin pleads in a needy and desperate way. Jins grabs a hold of your hips as he Shove his member deep inside of you, you Cried out a painful yet pleasuring Moan Jin stayed still letting you to get use to it he could feel you tightening Jin body shivers a bit "(Y/N) are you ready " Jin huffs "Fuck me Oppa "you growled Jin eyes widen, he grab a good hold of your hips as he slammed them against his pelvis. "Ah fuck....Jin Uh...God Aw fuck!!" You Choked you, groan and grunt, you could feel him deep within you and his thick member that filled you up "Uh Jin Uh fuck holy fuck Jin Right there " you howled clenching your teeth.
Jin pulled you from your hair pulling back your head as he kiss your neck and nibble a bit on your collarbone. he slammed against you again. the sound of your wetness and skin smacking and the lustful grunting groaning, and Husking moans you both made filled the room and the smell of your sweat, and the heat fogging up your mirrors Jin Lift you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist Jin slams your back against the wall and thrusts as you grind your hips making a weird wet noise together you rake your nails across his back as he goes in deeper. "I'm cumin " you cried out Jin throws you back on the bed still inside of you he grab a hold of your ankles and thrusts in hard ramming his member inside "Oh GOD JIN I CAN'T, IM CUMING FUCK! " you cried Jin quickly pulls out and cums on top of you "shit (Y/N) I'm sorry I couldn't hold it " he apologize as he cleans it with his shirt. You giggle at how cute he looks " (Y/N) your mine now got it " Jin leans in and gives you a passionate and deep kiss you both smiled as you wrap your arms around him...
The End!!!!!!! Just kidding It's long as fuck I was sleepy as fuck when I wrote this This is the First part !
holy jesus....I need to go to church again...
*dies several times over* I'll be in Antarctica if anyone needs me, cold shower is not gonna cut it after that! Damn girl! That was good! 😍😍😲😲
@luna1171 yeah I'm making one of jackson @lilbr0wneyes and I'm glad I'll probably be posting that one up today
@lilbr0wneyes ..a Jackson one???!?! Yeeesss!!
@twistedPuppy nice can't wait for the Jackson one
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