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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Big Bang Scavenger Hunt!
Who's ready? I'm ready!
Let's go!
1. BIGBANG fan art- Minimum of 5 examples.
2. Video of Daesung portraying a woman.
I was going to do Dae's parody of Boys Over Flowers but there is no denying that this is quite possibly his greatest female performance!
3. Least attractive pictures of each member of BIGBANG (in your opinion).
Some of their hairstyles, though...who allowed it? They would have been perfectly fine if not for the terrible hair.
4. 5 gifs of TOP eating.
5. Picture, video or gif of any BIGBANG members with non-YG idols.
Seungri with Red Velvet and the boys (minus Dae) with DBSK.
6. Pictures of 3 items you would like to give Seungri and why.
1. A stuffed panda bear because he is our little panda and they are super adorable, just like him.
2. Like with Daesung, I would gather letters from myself and other fans so he could know just how much he means to us all.
3. Plane tickets to travel the world. He loves learning new languages and exploring new places so I would want to take him to all the countries and places he's never been to.
7. Video of BIGBANG giving an acceptance speech at an awards show. Video MUST have English Subtitles.
8. Picture or video of G-Dragon wearing designer clothes and a picture/video of the clothes on the runway or in an ad for that designer.
9. Video of any BIGBANG member's house, with interior shot. The BIGBANG dorm does not count.
10. BIGBANG dance practice videos - 2 examples.
11. BIGBANG reaction video of any kind. Explain why you chose this particular video.
They're reactions are priceless. It is the purest of fangirl reactions and it just made me laugh so much because I had the same reactions at certain parts.
12. 5 Taeyang memes, at least one cannot involve Taeyang being shirtless or having abs.
EXTRA CREDIT: 13. Guess my favorite BIGBANG subunit/member collaboration song. Please include a MV, lyric video, fan video, etc... with your guess.
This is a toughy but I looked at all the lyrics from all the the BB subunit songs that I know of and I'm going to choose either 'Baby Goodnight' or 'Oh Yeah!' from GD + TOP as my picks.
Based on the lyrics from those two songs, I personally would choose a few lines from them to frame on my wall so I'm going with those!
Woop there it is! Another hunt completed!
Until next time, my lovelies! :)
I laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw Taeyang.
oh my... I can't believe it, you find Taeyang with that... "Bang" hair look.