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I've decided to attempt another challenge!! even tho i never finish them causeee im fucking lazzyyy. But, I don't post often so I'll try c: first of all I was inspired to try this by this person riiight here--> @MintKookie
DAY 1: The reason I love bts so much is because they're so very talented! Bts is one of those groups who are also not afraid to be themselves and i enjoy they're silly moments! They all have such interesting personalities, and completely wrecks your bias list!! (I'm talking to you Jeon Jungkook!!!) no matter what mood I'm in i can always search up some bts vines that'll make me laugh my ass off! If yall dont know who Ha SunAh is i suggest you look her up. I'm always looking forward to her bts vine contemplations. Overall, Bts makes me happy! And they are the group who made me get back into kpop again and discover many other amazing groups that I've grown to like VERY much.
@HunniNutFeelios thank you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
great analysis! very much agreed @DestinaByrd
reason I like them is because they have spirit and meaning. I like them because they remind me of me because there's hard times but you make the most of it
yes~~ ●□● thank u for posting it!