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Soo I decided to accept this 30 day challenge and take on the challenges
So as you can tell, My ultimate bias in GOT7 is the one the only Kunpimook Bhuwakul!!! Also known as BamBam!!
He is my bias in GOT7 because he is really cute of course, He is a really good dancer, I love the way he speaks, I find it funny how he does the whip/naenae and the dab, But those are some reasons. The most main reason is because he makes me smile and laugh and just plain happy in general. He is the little ball of sunshine that makes my face light up. Also, He is close to my ideal type but I still love him no matter what. I also love the rest of GOT7 don't get me wrong! But... There is just something about Kunpimook that makes my heart glow and makes me smile. I love how cute he can be as the 2nd youngest but at other times he can be serious and look manly. I love watching him on the V app like how he interacts with each member and also the staff like their manager or like the producers etc. Also I love how he is Thai in a Korean Pop based group. I love how he is in an international group such as GOT7. I love the way he raps like his voice just flows out of his mouth. I really love his Thai rap from when GOT7 was on Weekly Idol for the first time... Those are just some of the reasons why he is my bias but there is a whole list why like I can just talk about why I love him all day.
(cr. to Rosa Linda Caamal Canto)
omg thank you for this game
@JaxomB Youngjae is my 2nd bias wrecker :D Trust me a lot of people love him just as much as each member
He was so cute in the Just Right video. I don't have a GOT7 bias.....I had a choice of signatures and I decided to have my Identify album signed by Youngjae. It always seems he is the least liked member, but I find him sweet.
@PrettieeEmm ok.. but I do tag the team always in all..weird..right?
@PrettieeEmm ..really? now that's explains
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