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Kpop Survival Island Game!! {Introduction Card}

*Your plane has crashed on an island. Some idols were on the plane with you and you have all decide to band together to form a survival team until help comes. What problems will you face on Survival Island? Will you survive?*
So its time for another game and I decided it would be fun to do my little own twist of @kpopandkimchi Zombie Survival game. It's basically the same the rules as her card here. Just make a card on your team that you think would be a good help and tag me in them. The roles are still the same, my team is below!!!
1. The Muscle
2. The Brains
3. The Scaredy Cat
4. The Secret Weapon
5. The Protector/Mother
6. The Co-Captain

1. The Muscle- Shownu from Monsta X

He's strong and believe's in constant improvement. And plus he's cute too

2. The Brains- Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls

She is so smart and will be able to think of any solution to a problem we might have

3. The Scaredy Cat- Lay from EXO

This cute ball get easily scared and doesn't stay in the same place when things start happening

4. The Secret Weapon- Ravi from VIXX

Don't let his sneaky smile fool you....

5. The Protector/Mother- Jin from BTS

He is great caretaker and will make sure everyone is doing fine

6. Co-Captain- Yongguk from B.A.P

He's smart, loyal, strong, and would be a great supporter for the whole team
I hope you guys have fun with this. There will be a total of 8 challenges. The game will start March 12 and will continue every Saturday. There will be a total of 8 challenges so if nothing comes up the game will end April 30th.
Either comment your team or make a card and tag me in it(include Kpop Survival Island in the title). Try to survive the game with all your teammates. May The Best Team Win!!!
@JohnEvans that's good 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm weird so bets things yup
@JohnEvans it's a bet thing 😂😂😂😂
tag me in the challenges
The Squad: 1. The Muscle: Taeyang 2: The Brains: Rap Monster 3. The Scaredy Cat: J-Hope 4. The Secret Weapon: Jungkook 5. The Protector/Mother: Suho 6. The Co-Captain: Mino
I was too lazy to make a card 😂😂😂 soooooo 1. The Muscle: Jungkookie because he's really athletic and competitive 2. The Brains: Namjoon with his self taught english 150 iq ass jk I love him ^-^ 3. The Scaredy Cat: Jhope because who's more scared than him XD 4. The Secret Weapon: Shownu from monsta x 5. The Protector/Mother: Daddy suho from exo 6. The Co-Captain: Onew because I think he just has that captain material Dang I'm bts biased oh well :p
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