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Alright everyone, it's the final, final part! Thank you for reading it; it makes me happy to know that someone enjoyed reading my story! Parts: all found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related content

As we're running through these halls it's like I'm not really there. It feels more as though I'm on the outside, watching this all happen. None of this seems possible, it's just too much for me to take in. Daehyun sees me falling behind. "You need to keep up." Yongguk doesn't say anything as he grabs my hand to make sure I stay with them. My adrenaline is pumping and my heart is pounding out of my chest. I need to get out of this place. I've been trapped here too long and seeing someone die in such a way has sent me over the edge. As we turn a corner, we see someone walking down the hallway, causing us all to slow down to walking. Yongguk immediately let's go of my hand. In an effort to make it look like we are being escorted out of the building I crowd close to Himchan, he puts his arm around me, and I lean into him a little. Even though it's basically for show, it actually comforts me. The man looks up once he hears our footsteps. "Finally getting rid of them, huh?" Daehyun nods. "Yeah, just making sure he doesn't cause trouble for us on his way out." "I'll be glad he's leaving our turf. I'll miss having that cute sister of his around though." He looks over and smirks at me. He's never seen me until now, which means this is only an attempt to provoke my brother. Himchan doesn't respond to him directly, but holds me tighter. He instead speaks to Daehyun, "Can we move along here? I've got places to be." He nods. "I've gotta take care of this." The man starts walking away. "Duty calls." We start walking again and turn the corner; I raise my head and see that there's a large door at the end of it. That's got to be the exit. Himchan squeezes my shoulder, silently letting me know he's there with me before he lets his arm fall away from me. Unintentionally, that allows Yongguk the chance to pull me close to himself. I'm surprised he's doing that after my brother threatened him. Himchan looks over at him. "You're pretty cocky aren't you?" He shakes his head and looks forward. "What kind of man hides behind a woman and let's her fight his battles?" He shoots me a discouraging look. "Definitely not the kind I want my sister to be with." He actually could have said much worse things. He's honestly attempting to keep the situation from escalating, but still wants to voice his opinion. I brush off what he said. "Thank you for your concern, but I don't mind fighting a battle for him if it's against my lovely brother." He stops and scoffs at me, he steps over to block mine and Yongguk's way. "You're far too naive and extremely lucky I nearly always give into your wants." With swift, fluid like movements he pulls me away and then shoves Yongguk into the wall. He puts his forearm under Yongguk's chin, not quite choking him, but he's using enough force and pressure to pin him there. "But you; I don't owe you anything. I know who and what you are; and I know for a fact that I don't want someone like that for my sister. For her sake though, I'll give you an opportunity to prove yourself to me. Give me three reasons, just three reasons why I should permit you to be in my little sister's life." I move to try and stop him, but Daehyun gently grabs my arm, he leans down to speak to me quietly. "This will give him a chance to make your brother accept your relationship. Plus, aren't you even a little bit curious to hear what he'll say?" I stop pulling and stand still. He's right, I am curious. Why exactly does he want to be with me when he knows how much trouble it'll cause him? He's not fighting back. He'll do this and more to try to get something he wants, especially if that something is me. He'll suppress the urge to push Himchan off and lay him out; because he can't do that if he truly desires to be with me. He looks over to me slightly and Himchan pushes harder for a moment. "Did you forget that I'm the one you're trying to win over?" Yongguk closes his eyes, searching through his mind to find the proper words to explain his feelings. The words that will satisfy the man threatening him. How can he describe what he doesn't fully understand? After several moments, Himchan’s eyes lose their fierceness and take on an essence of disappointment, of heartache. "It shouldn't take this long for you to speak from the heart. If you wanted her, you'd know why. If you needed her, then you could list dozens of reasons, and that's something even I understand. It's exactly as I told her; you're a monster. You don't know how to feel anything and you never will. People like you just can't change." He finally releases him. Yongguk rubs his neck and hangs his head in shame. Shame brought on by his pathetic inability to verbalize his love for me. The only way he knows how to prove it is to protect me, to take a bullet for me; but he can't explain why he'd feel compelled to do such a thing. People say actions speak louder than words; however, he knows words are still needed. He looks at me for a few moments. He's ready to talk, but instead of searching for words, he lets them fall out without a filter. Without his mind telling him that they're wrong or not convincing enough. He stands up straight and faces Himchan. "I love her." Himchan, exhausted from this entire ordeal, sighs. "I get that you think that, and I want three reasons explaining how you love her. Why do you have to be with her? Make me believe you." He closes his eyes once again; this time feeling a hint of embarrassment that he needs to pour his heart out in front of several people. "My days wouldn't be the same. It's like every day before meeting her was in black and white, no color or liveliness." He opens his eyes. "When I'm with her I realize that the world can be vibrant and lovely. I'm completely mesmerized by her ability to brighten any room she walks into." He smiles slightly. "She makes me feel like I'm a person. She thinks I'm worthy enough to be listened to. Even though I'll never feel that my words are worthy enough to be heard by someone as wonderful as her; she still listens and she cares. Her words, when she speaks it's like honey; it's something that I've never experienced. Not just her voice, but the feelings behind her words are tantalizing and addicting. Even when she's upset or teases me, her words are something I savor with every fiber of my being." Himchan was right, when you speak from the heart there's almost too many things to choose from as to why you love someone. "If she walked out that door and I was left behind because she didn't want me, I wouldn't force her to be with me. If my words and feelings weren't enough to earn her love I'd understand. I'd fight hard for her, but I'd never make her sacrifice her happiness for my own." He shakes his head slowly. "But if she left, I'd leave here as well. I'd leave to just wander aimlessly for the rest of my days, unable to find any purpose for living. I'd do everything in my power to find something to replace her beauty and the love I felt when I was with her in order to find some sort of release from the chains she's placed on my heart; but I never would." His brow furrows as if he's experiencing pain just from the thought of me leaving him behind. "Because nothing in the world compares to the way she's changed my life, and deep down I know that'd I'd never want to forget her. Her touch, her laugh, her smile, her eyes; I'd need to remember it all. Even if these memories were killing me from the inside, I'd remember them because they'd be the same things keeping me alive. And on the day that I finally succumbed to that constant battle within me, I'd have a smile on my face thinking about her and how she breathed that feeling of life into me. She makes me feel like there's a difference between life and death. We all die, but that's no reason to not live your life and try to find happiness; and Seunghye, she's my only true happiness." Himchan can only stare at Yongguk because he's managed to render him speechless. Yongguk's lips curve into a slight smile. "Do you need anymore reasons?" Himchan takes a deep breath and releases it. "No. I think you've said enough. You've honestly surprised me. I'd have never thought that you could speak so meaningfully. You're definitely a new man Yongguk; I know one when I see one. I'm not saying I'm happy about it; because believe me, I'm sure as hell not, and I likely never will be. However, I won't stop her from being with you since she's an adult who can make her own choices." He pokes him in the chest and gets in his face. "But if you ever wrong her in any way, I'll end you and no one will be able to stop me." Himchan takes a step back and Yongguk gives a small bow, if there was ever a time to show Himchan a sign of respect and thank him, this would be it. "I'd expect nothing less." Himchan takes note of it and turns. He no longer wants to talk about this. "Let's get moving. That took too long." Yongguk walks over, taking my hand as we make our way to the door that separates us from our freedom. I probably have the biggest grin on my face and my cheeks are burning from what he said. Everyone walks out the door, but before I step out Yongguk shuts it. He grabs me and hugs me. He tilts my chin up and looks at me with the most loving and longing look I've ever seen. "Seunghye, am I allowed to leave with you?" "I wouldn't want it any other way. You've become a necessity for me and I'd only suffer if I left without you." "Thank you." He kisses me; and with that kiss I can experience every emotion he's feeling. Feelings of happiness, of love, of relief that I chose to be with him, and a sense of fulfillment that I bring into his life. As ridiculous as it sounds, he feels complete. That the emptiness within him has finally been filled. We end our kiss and he puts his hand on the door, pushing it open. I smell fresh air, I see the sun, and I feel him holding my hand with pride. We walk out together; taking the first step of this unexpected, unpredictable, yet exciting journey that lies ahead of us.
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@CrystalGuerra I'm actually contemplating on doing something for Himchan. but I don't want to cling to a story for too long that people get bored lol
@Starbell808 Don't feel too bad, he was about to kill her lol he was a very different Youngjae in this ending XD
😢😢😢 I'm going to need a couple of hours to get my feels back in place. I love this more then the Youngjae ending but thats only because Yongguk is my life! 👏👏👏 Great story and if you did a Himchan one don't worry no one will get bored because your writing is amazing and Ill always be one faithful reader 👌👌👏👏🙏🙌💖💖💖
Ala he found time to pour out his heart when any second they could have been shot for killing Youngjae. hahaha oh well it was still good.....do the himchan story!!!!!!
@MadAndrea I can assure you that I won't get bored of it! lol It was such a good story it's hard to believe anyone would her bored of it.
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