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So not a confession to my daughter who knows me WAY too well. I tried to keep my biases to the older (late 20's) guys so I didn't feel like such a creeper. However....this guy just kind of creeped on his own...I didn't even like him at first. He won't ever displace Xiah..he's locked solid; but..I think he has his own category. Damn boy, so not nice I'm trying to be a good noona!
It's the nerd factor. The bigger and talented the nerd, the more I like. Sigh.
I totally know how you feel. I feel like a creeper when I look at certain groups even....half of Astro is younger than my daughter.
...And there is nothing sexier than a talented nerd!
I feel you. There are some idols I have assigned to my nieces to be in love with (a couple even listen to me) because they are way too young for me. Others idols, I try to share, but then I'm all "Rap Monster is mine, none of you little girls can handle him!" Or other very similar statements occur. I'm lucky my girls are smart enough to just agree and back away slowly. 😉