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so yesterday I went out somewhere and came home relatively late. I was too lazy to take off my makeup and when I woke up I got off the makeup on one eye and I smudged the other one. and I was like you know what screw it. and I flipped my hair over and was like - "Yeogi buteora modu moyeora we gon’ party like lilililalala Mameul yeoreora meoril biwora bureul jipyeora lilililalala" and the whole day I have been impersonating gd.... someone send help....
ya feel me?
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yup... actually @axosrain I thought of adding a video....
2 years ago·Reply
if you do then challenge others to do it as well xp @JoanneJr
2 years ago·Reply
hm I should do it.... but if I do I'm going to challenge you
2 years ago·Reply
oh crap....
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@axosrain huehuehue
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