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Alright let's do this igot7's!
Not really a surprise but yes my ultimate bias is Jackson Wang! If you ask me why I'd have to say because he's always so happy and smiling. He really shows that he cares for his members and thinks of them as family. Not to mention the absolute dork he is, and his laugh is the cutest thing ever.
His family is his life and I'm sure we've all seen how much love he expresses towards them. He really is a great son and isn't afraid to say that he loves his mom. He speaks a lot about his father and values his mother which I think shows how much he really cares and honors them.
And his most memorable moments that have become some of the best memes out there. He didn't choose the meme life, the meme life chose him. But it's okay because they just make me like him more!
Jackson really is the best!!!! <3
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I find it so funny that he steals and wears the other guys' underwear. I can't decide on a GOT7 bias. I chose my Identify album to be signed by Youngjae though......
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