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My Tabi Appreciation
Anyone and everyone that loves their BigBang Kings!... Our EveryThing! We all sad we have to send tabi off for enlistment but will always support and love him til whenever and forever so... Here is Tabi Spam
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This is a big deal you guys.. Think of their ages.. Will they feel too old to still be BIG BANG!! Will they want to settle down when they get out!!! I'm over here crying a river thinking about it... Will fans stay loyal to them all until 2021.. Because BIG BANG is all the members..
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@awkwardlove23 big bang already accounce they would do a comeeback after enlistment too
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I will miss his stares that made me pregnant.
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I'm going to be 24 years old when they all get back 😢😭
2 years ago·Reply
Well I'll still be here fangirling over whoever will be promoting.
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