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Anyone and everyone that loves their BigBang Kings!... Our EveryThing! We all sad we have to send tabi off for enlistment but will always support and love him til whenever and forever so... Here is Tabi Spam
FIGHTINGGGG!!! WE LOVE YOU TOP!!!! (my GD leaving next yr... no no no)
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@KaeliShearer I think he will leave after the 10th anniversary concert that will be held this summer.
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@MarrickeJ33 I'll cry. like legit cry. My hero will become a Huge Hero!!!!!!! 😭😭💖💖
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FIGHTING!! Stay safe and come back healthy! @BBXGD Oh the devastation once GD leaves.... And Taeyang too!!! What to do?!?! 😥😥
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Ok you might see a new report of a flood in Bartow Florida Only fangirls will understand
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