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WOW FANTASTIC BABY! THIS SONG IS MY LIFE! NOT KIDDING. XD This is the MV of the day because of BIGBANG's Final MADE Tour Concert, which was a great 3:00am wake up call.

What song got you into kpop? (tell me in the comments⬇)

[When they performed this song at about 5:30 in the morning I about screamedXD. It was not the first kpop song I heard but it was the song that made me an official fan of kpop, and gave BigBang a special place in my heart for it. I sometimes think BTS takes the place of BigBang but then I see things like the concert or hear this song and I realize BTS will always be one of my favorite groups but they can never replace BigBang <3 빅방은 사랑해요!❤]
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mine was super junior sorry sorry but then i left then came back again and what made me big into kpop that i am now was dope by bts! they are still my ub group!
Yes!!! One of their Best song
this was the song for me!!! it started my I never thought I'd go crazy about a music genre or group after mcr and then this crap came along and screwed me over but I LOVE it!!!
Big Bang did not sing the first kpop song I heard, but they are the ones that pulled me into this wonderful world of fabulousness!! So they have my heart as well!!