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Kpop Survival Island Game!!

I just wanna say thanks to @JohnEvans for tagging me in this awesome event
Now let's go ahead and see who is in my team!

1. The Muscle- Onew from SHINee

I know he may not be the strongest idol but I believe he could like destroy anything with his finger...

2. The Brains- Rap Monster from BTS

He is pretty smart and is bilingual so he can help out cause I only speak English

3. The Scaredy Cat- Luhan from EXO (M)

Even though he is a former member, I still consider him as a exo member. This lovely deer is scared of a lot of things like heights. So if we were ever in a helicopter, I would have to comfort this oppa

4. The Secret Weapon- Amber from f(x)

Don't let her looks fool you! She can murder anyone with a blink of an eye. She can kill both genders!!

5. The Protecter/Mother- Jr. from GOT7

I believe he has the motherly instincts to take care of me :)

6. Co- Captian- CL from 2NE1

She seems like a very independent woman and I believe she would help out everybody. Plus she is the baddest female around ;)
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Nice crew :)
@MrsJungHoseok Yeah Twinsies Lol!
I am not sure which one am I, would I be brains or scaredy cat
@BetseyBleau Honestly I would either be the brains or the scaredy cat XD