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Light might be to ignorant to do that job ... But he may be good at it ..

@MajahnNelson I just thought it was cool, almost like an easter egg type thing. I'll make a card about it
What I love about this is that it's the same animation team and there's an episode of death parade that light actually makes a "guest appearance". In the episode of the idol and the girl that had a big crush on him (the one where they play twister) the girl has a choice between him and some guy that waiting and it looks just like light, the funny part is the guy idol she liked is voiced by the same Japanese voice actor as light yagami.
@HenryStill cool cool. Tag me in it if you don't mind
@HenryStill YOU MUST BE AWESOME AT TRIVIA! Lol no but seriously interesting stuff. Think the creator and/or producer planned it that way?