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Kim Jiwon better yet known as Bobby is trying to kill me >_< . He is the Third oldest in Ikon born in 95. He gets way too much hate for someone who is as kind and caring as he is. People are way to quick to judge when he is just a soft hearted kid ( I say that like he is a lot younger than me when he is only three years younger.)
I have never in my entire life thought eating could be cute. Bobby please please stop I already fell for June and Jinhwan now you too T_T
Chanwoo-ssi let him sleep lmfao. Bobby is that one person that isn't my favorite, but I love him it's hard to explain. He drives me crazy is the easiest way to put it.
Bobby was born in seoul, but his family moved to Virginia when he was young until he was in about middle school when he went back to Korea alone to pursue his dreams.
He went on to win smtm3 during Mix and match era before debut. Also I have never been as attracted to a smile as I am with Bobby's! Ugh!
Have you ever had a feeling where someone seemed familiar, but you didn't know them. But at the same time it felt like you did. As weird as it sounds I've always got that feeling from Bobby even before I even knew who he was.
As good as Bobby looks without a shirt I personally prefer him fully clothed with an adorkabke smile on his face * gasps* " Did she just says she didn't want to look at his body!" Not at all he looks amazing and I could stare at it all day, but I love his smiling face more.
Could he be any more adorable? Just could you stop killing me Jiwon okay?
I have a cousin who was adopted from Korea and his name is Bobby... And ikon Bobby kind of looks like him. :-/
@Sammie99522 😌😌😌
@VatcheeAfandi99 πŸ˜„ I'm sure it's going to kill me 😜
@Sammie99522 😑 I'm goona get you so hard just be Prepared πŸ‘Š
@BreeHubler πŸ˜‰
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