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im so tired im so tired of appeasing others i appease people everyday of my life so at the end of the day I didn't make them mad but what about me what about what i want and what i need does it matter? I'm so tired of appeasing others and not getting anything in return when do they appease? when do they have to give up something so I go home happy So that I don't feel like i'm going to flip a table when do they think about me instead of themselfs IT"S NOT HARD I do it every single day so, why? WHY!! why can't they do it just once that's all I want NO that's all I need.
I like that point @atmi but I think I'm guilty of being both a giver and a taker. trying to get better at being a giver instead!
I love that @atmi!! that's actually something I struggle with too. Maybe there is like an in-between person that isn't a "taker" necessarily, but a person that balances by learning how to say no and ask for more!
thank you I'm happy everyone liked it I thought know one would ever see it this is how I am around my family
@nicoljb a totally giver person also a people pleasing. until you dare to say no to people around you, they will never feel enough and want more and more from you. whether you can accept this situation or you will start to feel the pressure and your life is not yours anymore. I know someone who has this issue, really had sympathy on him. so the lesson is,try to balance both personality for your happiness. just my sense.
there is 2 type people in the world. Whether they are 'giver' or 'taker' person.
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