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UPDATE: A fellow Vingler( Thanx Again @hhead232) was kind enuf to let me know that the first pic is NOT the result of a strike but an amazing job using prosthetic makeup and the pic was posted on the deviant art website. If your interested here's the link below! SORRY !!!

http://gorkafx.deviantart.com/art/Prothesic-makeup-7-11955204 The rest of the pics (2-5)are lightning strike results left on people that survived a strike. Unreal!!!!
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@2Distracted No problem :)
2 years agoReply
Those look painful but cool too!
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the first wasnt actually one but I give props to the makeup ARTIST and the rest I bet have one heck of a story to go with their marks!!!! @LadyLuna
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@2Distracted for real!!! That's crazy tho!
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@LadyLuna yeah I know. a fellow vingler was nice enuf to let me know it was from deviant art so I edited the card but left it cuz its sooo cool anyway!
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