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You wake up slightly disoriented, when a small paw bats at your face. You open your eyes to see Johnny staring at you, now meowing in your face. Lifting your head a little you can see Wollie laying between you and Junho’s legs. Exactly how you managed to be laying down in front of Junho on his couch is still a mystery, one you aren’t terribly worried about solving. You feel shifting behind you and a drowsy voice says, “Go back to sleep, I set the alarm on my phone.” Johnny meows again, this time pawing at Junho since he heard his papa’s voice. “Johnny, down, we’ll feed you in a bit.” He bats at Johnny who leaves the couch in a huff. You can feel Wollie get up and follow him off the couch. “Mm..” comes from behind you as he shifts again, pulling you into a more comfortable spot. Mm, indeed. His phone alarm goes off sometime later to which you respond by rolling over and pressing your face against his chest. He laughs and kisses the top of your head, “Time to rise and shine sleepyhead.” You reach up and slap your hand over his mouth, to which he promptly sticks out his tongue and licks it. “EW!” you respond, wiping it all over his cheeks. He is full on laughing now, moving his head back and forth to avoid your saliva ridden hand. You sit up, trying to tame what you know has to be major bed head. As he sits up beside you, he leans over and licks the side of your neck. You shiver as goose bumps invade your body, to which he smiles mischeviously, “Ew, huh?” “What time is it? Am I late?” You respond, trying to distract him. “Nope, I set it to your schedule. I’ll drive you in.” You look down at your rumpled shirt, “Again, ew.” He laughs and pulls you up the stairs to his room. He reaches into his closet, pulls out a shirt and tosses it to you. Grabs a pair of socks from his drawer and grabs your hand as he heads to the bathroom. “Rinse out your bra and undies, pass them to me and I’ll toss them in the dryer while you shower.” Your eyes enlarge, “Um….” “Such a prude,” he smiles, then pushes you into the bathroom, “do it.” Well, this is awkward you think after you obey his command and hand him your rinsed out undies. You figure out how to work his shower, feeling refreshed as you wash your hair. When you open the curtain and step out, all your clothes (borrowed ones too) are folded neatly and sitting on the toilet. Next to the sink is a new toothbrush. It would be really sweet if it weren’t creepy that he had come into the bathroom while you were showering. You need to have a chat about leaving a few boundaries in place. By the time you step into the kitchen, he has a bowl of ramen and leftover meat waiting for breakfast. “Ramen isn’t the healthiest,” he apologizes, “but it is fast.” He just stands there for another moment staring at you. He heads over to where you are still awkwardly standing and wraps you in his arms. He leans down to smell your hair, “Mm, you smell good and that shirt has never looked better.” You blush and thank him for the compliments and food as you sit down. “We have to leave soon or you’ll be late,” he explains as he grabs his keys and wallet. “You aren’t eating?” He shakes his head, “I will eat and get ready after I’ve dropped you off. I have a meeting at JYP this morning.” He quickly turns away from your glance over at him. Shit. On the way to the site, he keeps playing with your hand that rests in his. He is obviously thinking as he’s driving, you don’t want to disturb him. You arrive a few minutes earlier than call time; back to reality, back to seeing if you will still have a job once that picture is released. He hasn’t let go of your hand yet, after staring at it for a few minutes, he raises it to kiss. He hops out to come around and open your door. With your hand in his, he pulls you in for a hug and kiss whispering, “It will be fine Jagi. I’ll see you later.” And then he is back in his car and gone. You get straight to your normal routine, heading to the caterers first to make sure the coffee orders are already in process. Nerves have you starting the day slightly klutzy. When the group doesn’t show up at their call time, you become hyper paranoid and stressed. The director calls everyone over, states that the group had a last minute meeting and he wants everything set and in place for when they arrive. Today and tomorrow you are filming My House. The set is extensive, so it ends up being a good thing that they didn’t arrive until a couple of hours later. You make sure you aren’t anywhere in sight as they stroll in and head over to hair and make-up. You watch them from your hiding place, a few of them look around, the others look straight forward, with expressionless faces. You unconsciously reach for your Buddha; unaware of the person whose eyes just shrank in displeasure at your gesture.
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