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I'm horrible at remembering really anything so I hope I can even remember to do this but thot it was very clever!
I needed this tip! Since I've started working, I've bumped into a lot of people I either went to college with or met during my internship...it's so embarrassing when they can remember my name but I can't remember theirs. It's kinda crazy how I can remember which comic book a character appeared in or weird little trivia bits about animals, cars, or planes, but I can't connect a name to a face! 馃槖
Also, something that has helped me is asking, "How do you pronounce your name again exactly?" with a possible follow up of, "I just don't want to get it wrong." It's a good way to learn their name if you forgot, without asking directly and hopefully without offense, as well as learning how to pronounce it correctly. Doesn't work too well for easily pronounceable names like Matt or Mary though. haha
I forget peoples' names almost always... so I usually just wait a little bit until I hear someone else call their name and I take a mental note
AAAAH this is great. hahah and @VixilCastilo I just forget people's names. If you forget a face...that's when they don't mean anything!
Sometimes I ask to spell it (which backfires if it's a name like John obv.) but having been on the receiving end of this usually I just laugh it off to try to put the person who forgot at ease.
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