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I'm horrible at remembering really anything so I hope I can even remember to do this but thot it was very clever!
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if you forget a name then they're not important to you
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AAAAH this is great. hahah and @VixilCastilo I just forget people's names. If you forget a face...that's when they don't mean anything!
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@annamolly I am horrible at names so I was glad to find this and share hope it helps you too. @WarrenDreiling that's clever as well ill have to remember that . I've never been bothered by someone forgetting my name and actually consider it a compliment when they do ask. they cared enuf to ask. now if we are going on asking for a 20th time in a week either there's a deeper medical issue or we have a prob. lol @TessStevens I liked that if we forget a face they don't mean anything , perfect!!!
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@TessStevens exactly someone understands me :D
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will keep that in mind..thanks
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