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Interesting Did You Know Facts!
SO MUCH BACON AT BURGER KING. haha maybe it's the bacon fat they use to fry things in. that's insane!
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@nicolejb Sooo many piggies 😢
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Awwww don't make me think about it like THAT @2Distracted 😭
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@nicolejb sorry its like reflex for me. I'm not against it or say hunting deer like alot of my family does but I can't eat the venison. same with chicken if I have to prepare it esp like a whole chicken with all bones in (I'm literally making the stank face as I type that thinking about it!)I cannot do it and definitely would not be able to eat it. It's weird and frustrating! But I also save moths inside my house to release outside and would break up an ant fight if I saw one. I'm pathetic in this way lol
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