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Looking for a new idol to ruin your bias list?
Welcome to the amazing world of Jonghyun!
There are many amazing things about this lovely dino, but let me list a few:
1. His Puppy eyes and Dino Smile
His lovely eyes and smile are enough to have you swooning for weeks.
2. Man Sexy
Basically he's just plain rude, and he knows it...
3. His Voice and Lyrical Prowess
One of the best voices in Kpop, and he goes above and beyond the typical idol image and works as a music producer and lyricist.
4. He's In Touch with His Emotions
Jonghyun along with Key are the crybabies of SHINee, and whenever Jonghyun is touched by something he happy cries. :')
That's only a few things about SHINee's Jonghyun, but I encourage you to find out more on your own, I recommend watching SHINee's Hello Baby.
"Why would you share your Ultimate Bias?", you ask, well, as his future wife I don't mind sharing ;), for now...
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wow I love him I would love to see him laughing more I have to admit I love it when he gets emotional when he's crying or when he's angry happy sad because I get to see many sides of him oh don't get me started on his sexy hot side that's a whole different story I love his cute side too is there anything not to love about this guy like god damn he's seriously fucking amazing
@exolover101 couldnt have said it any better.
Love this! We need more jjong appreciation
Jonghyun is my ub. i absolutely love everything about him. and his voice kills me every time.
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