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Let's see if I can get through this card without crying.. haha Today I'll share my favorite gifs and stuff like that
These boys are everything
These guys mean the absolute world to me I will never be able to tell them just how much they have helped me, I will never be able to express how much I care for them I want nothing but happiness and love for these wonderful boys who have changed my life for the better, I hope they all continue smiling, laughing and loving. Thank you VIXX for caring so much about your Starlights, we will support you forever. Thank you VIXX for helping me connect with other Starlights and help one of my closest friends become a fan as well.
Thank you so much boys. I'M SO PROUD OF EVERYTHING YOU BOYS HAVE ACCOMPLISHED! VIXX FIGHTING and thank you Starlights for your continuous support!! Let's support and love VIXX forever okay? Alright.
Now obviously there has to be a special thank you for the bias right? Thank you Taekwoon for being everything I've needed lately... We're so much alike and that helps me a lot. Please be happy and healthy! I will continuously support you and the boys for the rest of my life okay? I love you very much my prince... Let's meet one day okay? Okay.