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These are my top 10 anime series. There not in order.
Hunter x Hunter I really like the story plot, the fights, and the characters are just so awesome.
Your lie in April This anime literally left me tears, I always get sad when I listen to anime piano solo. The characters are lovable, the story plot is awesome, and it's one of the saddest anime I've watched.😍
Assassination Classroom This is a really hilarious anime. If you're looking for a comedy this anime is for you. The characters are awesome, the teacher is just lovable too. The plot is good also!
Beyond the Boundary This anime also left me in tears, I sometimes re-watch it and it still makes me cry. It has amazing art, and story plot. The main characters are awesome, the fights are cool too.
Tokyo Ghoul My favorite anime. So much action. The fights are just downright awesome, but the ending is just so sad, like really why u do this to me😭
Noragami This anime is really funny, full of action and also kinda sad. The main characters a so funny especially Yato😄
Food Wars This is comedy and about cooking. The food in there looks so delicious😩 it's kinda weird when they eat the food and they get naked tho😂but the food wars are always exciting. Overall it's a really good anime.
Haikyuu This anime is about sports but it's really funny. This was my first favorite sport anime. The competitions they have are always exciting.
No Game No Life It's awesome. The art is really good. But something I didn't like about this anime was the ending, damn such a cliff hanger😩
Charlotte At first it's a hilarious anime, but then out of nowhere there it makes you shed a lot of feels😭 but it's a must watch
I love this list! I'm also a big fan of Tokyo Ghoul and Noragami and Your Lie in april!
I've Watch All Of this 😂😂