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"Hello Chaelin we need you to go on a mission we want you to be a kpop singer under the stage name CL. We want you perform at a concert and at the end we are gonna use knock out gas to knock all the fans out okay?" "Why are doing this? Why should we do this I mean I got a daughter to take care of " Chaelin says to agent Seungri Seungri explains "Because we believe that if do this that Ji-yong may come and you know he's on are Top most wanted list we need to take him down!" "Oh I see okay well I guess I can do this" chaelin says with a worried voice She leave the room Chaelin starts to think to herself Damn it why do they keep my family in dangerous situations I can't do this anymore I just wanna get away from all of this. she stop for minute. "oh I know I talk to my girls and see if they can help me out " she says out loud "Oh shit I hoped no one heard me" Later that night Ring ring ring Come on " Park Bom answer" Hello? "Hey girl it's me I need you and the other girls to come over I need to you help me out with something okay?" Chaelin says to Park Bom "Why are you okay?" "Please just get here as soon as possible!" Chaelin hangs up the phone A few minute later Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Minzy Show up at Chaelin door Knock knock "Come in" The girls come in sit down "What's going on" Minzy ask Chaelin answered "They want me to a very dangerous task and I really just want this all To end I want you girls to help me out with a plan okay?" "Okay well help you out the best we can." Said Park Bom The girls talk for hours about their plan to help out Chaelin "Okay thanks girls you can head home now I gotta get some rest for tomorrow's show and hopefully this plan will work out great!" Chaelin lets the girls out and heads for bed she know she has a big night tomorrow. The next night "Hello very one how you doing?" The crowd shouts That's great well are next performer is. She goes by the name CL of 2ne1. The crowd goes crazy CL comes out to thank everyone from coming and tells them that tonight show is gonna be a blast She starts performing Ji-yong men are watching her every move they know she's not a rapper and they plan to take her out tonight "Is she almost done " Ji-yong ask Daesung 
"Yeah she is almost done Youngbae is ready to take the shot when you give the order" Daesung said back to Ji-yong Okay Then all sudden the light go off and there's a loud Bang *BANG* The lights come back on a CL is gone there's a spot of blood on the floor "Did you shoot!" her Ji-yong said in anger. Youngbae "replied No I didn't shoot her sir" "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON GUYS! " Ji-yong is furious "I'm not sure so the lights went off and she just disappeared" Daesung said to Ji-yong Later the night Seungri went to go get Chaelin little girl "Where is mommy?" Sooyoung asked Seungri replied with a sadness in voice. "Baby girl she gone I'm Sorry but I will take good care of you" What happens to Chaelin? Will Ji-yong find her? Or will she be gone forever? Stay tuned and find out 
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