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My girls won 1st place on Inkigayo for their new song "You're The Best" ! This is their 1st ever win on a music show. Mamamoo truly deserves this award, they are always working hard and they make awesome music โค
Mamamoo performing "You're The Best" at Inkigayo. Their performance was amazing!ย  Perfect!ย  :)
Mamamoo is announced 1st place, having theย  most votes out of Taemin's "Press Your Number" and Taeyeon's "Rain" They were so happy, they shed tears of joy! :') awws... I'm so proud of them :)
Just in case you haven't saw their MV for "You're The Best" check it out! It's amazing! You can see the girls looking so pretty, classy, & sassy! It's a really cute and fun-loving MV! I have already fallen in love with this song, it's perfection!
"You're The Best " is on their first studio album 'Melting' which was released February 26th, 2016.
Yooouuu whooo! For more information about Mamamoo first win and the performances from Inkigayo, here is the beautiful link: (Credit to Allkpop ) ย
Moo moos where you at?! :) How do you feel?ย  -Happy Sunday! โค - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi
I'm a proud mother right now. it's about time and I'm glad they're getting at least some of the credit they deserve. please continue to work hard And prosper Mamamoo!!!! FIGHTING!!!